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The ParcelPass story began in August 2017. After leaving the Electrical Wholesale industry, where he had spent the previous 23 years, Founder and CEO, Adrian Sullivan decided to purchase a van and began to contact former colleagues to find opportunities to deliver their stock. Offering same day courier services, Adrian had the vision to create a courier company that was focused and committed to delivering on logistics promises whilst providing excellent customer service. Those values are the foundation for what ParcelPass has been built into today.

Working from his home with a broken laptop screen linked to his TV, ParcelPass was born. The early days were long and hard. While making deliveries and finding work on the Courier Exchange, Adrian also spent his spare time networking and contacting potential clients to grow his new business.  With the help of local companies and his experience in a customer service focused industry, Adrian began to forge relationships and the business started to flourish. It was soon time for Adrian to find additional drivers to help with the increasing workload.

In October 2017, Adrian had received his first enquiry for a 7.5T vehicle. ParcelPass had now become more than just a same day courier service.

Adrian was required to develop relationships with other transport companies to enable ParcelPass to quote and win business for larger vehicles.

In March 2018, Managing Director, Richard Silvester joined the company. A former colleague of Adrian’s, Richard joined to help the business grow, whilst taking control of operations and the planning of deliveries. In the same month our first contract was secured with a leading Logistics company, supplying additional transport from small vans to Artic Lorries. New partnerships and relationships were being built and the company was going from strength to strength.

By April 2018 the business was growing rapidly and the decision was made to create ParcelPass Transport Ltd.

More approvals with leading logistics companies followed and the next big milestone was to add European Haulage to our services. In July, Caroline Burns joined the company to oversee the accounts and finances, bringing even more experience into the team. A new booking system was installed allowing for ParcelPass customers access to online bookings, instant quotations and automatic delivery confirmation emails. ParcelPass also made the decision to venture into International Freight, importing goods from China and Africa.

That brings the ParcelPass story to today. ParcelPass Transport Ltd is 1 year old and so much has changed since Adrian’s first day with his broken laptop. ParcelPass are now an approved partner to some of the industries leading companies. Transporting goods nationally and internationally, still working closely with the companies that helped Adrian with his first deliveries. The future is exciting at ParcelPass and you are invited to come and join us for the ride. Whether you are a local smaller company or a multinational organisation, one of our existing customers or a potential new customer, our partners or our competitors. Let’s embrace the future and work together for success.

If you need help solving your transportation issues, then discover more about the full range of logistics and transport services ParcelPass can offer by navigating through our website, calling us on 01302 249012, or emailing us with your requirements to