Our Four Point Plan

Reduce our own emissions

Reducing our emissions will take place in many forms. Initially focusing on short term gains the company will begin the process of moving to paperless systems, reducing electricity and our energy consumption, encouraging our drivers to adopt positive driving style changes to save on fuel and investing in energy efficient equipment. Pass Logistics will also begin the process of moving traditional road container haulage onto our Rail network.

Off-set our remaining emissions

Our remaining emissions are those that we are unable to reduce. This represents the largest share of our overall carbon footprint. We will commit to investing in verified carbon reduction and offsetting projects globally with a particular focus on our local community.

Integrate climate policy within our business strategy

As a company we constantly map out the future of our business. Our climate policy will be at the forefront of any business decisions we make which could potentially impact on the climate and achieve our set targets.

Influence climate change in society

We will encourage and influence local businesses, suppliers, and customers to introduce their own climate policies and integrate them into their future business decisions. We will educate our staff and the local community on our climates policies and empower them to make their own contributions

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