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In the wake of remarkable growth spanning the past four years, Pass Logistics is thrilled to announce a significant expansion that is set to make waves in Doncaster and beyond. The company has secured an impressive 100,000 square-foot space within the iconic Eaton Park building, a site steeped in history as the former Crompton lighting facility, situated prominently on Wheatley Hall Road, Doncaster.

The Eaton Park building itself carries with it a legacy of over four decades in the lighting manufacturing sector, a field intimately entwined with the life and career of business founder and CEO, Adrian Sullivan. Adrian's journey in this industry began at the tender age of 17, and he dedicated an impressive 23 years to tirelessly promoting and selling lights day in and day out. Therefore, the acquisition of this storied location signifies not just a move for Pass Logistics but a momentous milestone in the company's ever-evolving journey.

However, this expansion is about much more than just acquiring space; it's a profound commitment to the local community. Pass Logistics' growth is poised to bring about the creation of numerous job opportunities, enriching the local employment landscape with roles such as Transport Managers, Warehouse Operatives, Stock Controllers, and Drivers. These new additions to our team are not only aimed at fortifying our workforce but also contributing to the economic development of Doncaster, thereby reaffirming our deep-rooted dedication to the region.

As Pass Logistics continues to chart a course of evolution and expansion, our steadfast mission remains unaltered: to provide exceptional logistics and transport services. Our commitment to the community, coupled with an unwavering focus on sustainability, compels us to keep contracts local, thereby fostering growth and prosperity right at the heart of Doncaster. We're genuinely excited about this new chapter in our journey and eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on our company, our valued employees, and the region as a whole.

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