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Pass Logistics has recently made a strategic move that promises to have a significant impact on their logistics and transportation services. They've successfully secured a deal to expand their rail freight network, a development that carries multiple benefits for both the company and its clients.

This expansion is a testament to Pass Logistics' commitment to providing top-notch service to their existing customers while welcoming new clients into their fold. By adding new rail freight routes to their network, Pass Logistics is enhancing its capability to meet customer contracts and expanding its offerings to a wider audience. This move not only strengthens their market position but also underscores their dedication to sustainability.

One of the most notable advantages of this expansion is its alignment with Pass Logistics' Carbon Commitment policy. By incorporating more rail freight into their operations, Pass Logistics is actively reducing CO2 emissions throughout its business. This commitment to environmental responsibility is increasingly essential in today's world, where businesses are expected to prioritise sustainability and minimise their carbon footprint.

The new rail routes are a valuable addition to Pass Logistics' already successful services, which include transportation between Felixstowe and Southampton to Doncaster. The new routes cover key connections, including Felixstowe to Manchester, Felixstowe to Midlands (Hams Hall and Birmingham International Freight Terminal), Southampton to Manchester, Liverpool to East Midlands, and Immingham to Doncaster. These additions offer greater flexibility and options for their clients, enabling more efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions.

Pass Logistics founder and CEO, Adrian Sullivan had this to say, "I am delighted that we have been able to secure this significant deal to expand our rail freight network. I believe this will only be positive for Pass and our valued customers." 

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