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Employee wellbeing is an important part of our work here at Pass Logistics. Having the ability to talk with staff openly and spot potential signs that an employee is struggling are key to us putting the processes in place to support and help in any way we can.

In January 2022. Lara Cooper, the group HR advisor at Pass Logistics enrolled on a First Aid for mental health course arranged through the Doncaster Chamber with the aim of understanding what drives mental health and how to spot the early signs in our staff. We interviewed Lara after she successfully completed the course

Why did you decided to undertake a First Aid for mental health course?

I’ve always been a people person and like to talk to people. Mental Health is a taboo subject. I wanted to understand how to identify when someone is feeling low and not themselves. I also needed the skills on how to broach the subject with them.


What did the course entail?

Our trainer was fantastic and spoke about personal experiences. The course touched on lots of different types of mental health illnesses. It was re iterated to me that I’m not a counsellor. The course taught me the skills on how to recognise when someone might need some additional support. It looked at different ideas that I can suggest to those who might need my help. 


What was your favourite thing about the course, and what was the main thing you have taken from it?

I really enjoyed learning the techniques on how to talk to people. I have been practising this in conversation with lots of different people already. I don’t want to give away my secrets though! It also discussed the importance of self-care. I am trying to make a conscious effort to spend some time doing things I enjoy.


How are you going to put what you have learnt into practice in the workplace and how will this benefit the Pass Logistics family?

My role at Pass already entails me spending time seeing how our employees are. We pride ourselves on being a family business and knowing everyone individually. The skills I have learnt mean I can keep an eye on any changes I might notice in people. We want to ensure that our employees know that we care and will support them as best we can.